Getting started

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Check that you have a stable internet connection to access the online library of exercises.

more than 300 exercises.

Something for everyone

Many different needs, one versatile app.

Maybe you have choir rehearsal in an hour and want to do a general warm up, or you're about to record a podcast and need to wake up your voice and articulators. Or maybe you just want to unwind a little before bed with some breathing exercises. Whatever your needs, Amsel has a setting for you. Choose from Breathing, Speaking, general Warm-up or our NEW Fine-Tuning setting to work in more detail.

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Ease of Use

Choose your settings and press play.

Between four different difficulty settings, you‘ll certainly find a place that‘s right for you.

For singing you can choose between "low" and "high" voice. Both spend plenty of time in the middle range, so which outer register would you prefer to develop? (If uncertain, start with low.)

The database is built and organized in a way to reflect the technical “voice building” part of a voice lesson, from light body work to gentle vocalizing to sportier runs. With Amsel you get the benefit of a voice teacher’s knowledge every day.

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Choose a focus

This is where the real magic of singing with Amsel happens. Each of the over 300 exercises has been weighted by voice experts in 12 different areas so that you can simply choose a focus category and enjoy the road to mastery.

A well-rounded warm-up will prefer exercises in your focus category. Training sessions in Amsel‘s NEW fine-tuning setting will select exercises only from your focus category.

No particular goal this week? Just leave it on no focus for a well-rounded warm-up including breathwork, speaking and articulation, light vocalizations, and more.

You can also ask your voice teacher or a voice expert for advice on the specific needs of your voice.

Acoustic Recordings

Decide how long and go along with the speaker or piano

Amsel’s more than 300 exercises are demonstrated by an actual singer or speaker, and you sing the repetitions with real grand piano accompaniment. We consciously opted for more overtone-rich acoustic recordings instead of midi tones, which means you can’t input your exact range, as may be the case with other apps that use midi. We see this as an opporunity for you to expand your range - stay in the “flow,” sing well, and when the key gets too high or low for you to sing comfortably, go ahead and skip to the next exercise.

Make sure to check out Amsel‘s NEW info button to get an insider scoop into each exercise!

Get started with your first Amsel warm-up today, and enjoy your versatile voice training!

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