Getting started

IMPORTANT: Check that you have a stable internet connection to access the online library of exercises.

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Ease of Use

Choose your voice type and press play

Just like you don’t need to understand how sit-ups affect your body to get the benefits, the simple act of doing a few vocal exercises a day can bring results over time. The best thing about Amsel is: it’s not talking to your brain - you just choose your voice type (low, high or speaking voice), decide how many minutes you want to train, and let the algorithms do the rest! The database is built and organized in a way to reflect the technical “voice building” part of a voice lesson, from light body work to gentle vocalizing to sportier runs. With Amsel you get the benefit of a voice teacher’s knowledge every day.

Acoustic Recordings

You hear humans, not machines

The world is getting more digital, but not all human elements need to be replaced by electronic midi sounds. Amsel’s more than 100 exercises are demonstrated by an actual singer or speaker, and you sing the repetitions with real grand piano accompaniment. We consciously opted for more overtone-rich acoustic recordings instead of midi tones, which means you can’t input your exact range, as may be the case with other apps that use midi. We see this as an opporunity for you to expand your range - stay in the “flow,” sing well, and when the key gets too high or low for you to sing comfortably, go ahead and skip to the next exercise.

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Choose a focus

If you could use an extra boost in a particular area of your singing, you can choose it from a list of focus categories, and the algorithms will favor exercises that will help you work on that aspect of your singing. Choose from Body work/support, Resonance/Directionality, Vowel uniformity, Combining vocal registers, Agility/Coloratura, Economy of air flow/Legato, Articulation, or any of the vowels. Don’t have a clue? Just keep it on “No focus” to get a well-rounded training session every day. You could also ask your voice teacher.

The right Challenge

Something for everyone

No matter whether you sing once a week in choir rehearsal, are warming up for a performance, or just want to read some bedtime stories to your kids, there is a setting for where you are right now. Choose from Easy/Comfortable, Intermediate, Advanced/Professional, or just Speaking Voice to get the right support for your current goals.

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