The Creator

Sarah has been busy with music since the age of 8, mostly playing songs on the piano by ear. (It all began with Star Wars...) She focusesd on piano and voice at Ball State University while studying music theory and composition. She went on to continue voice studies in Cleveland in an Early music Performance Practice Masters program at Case Western Reserve University. She moved to Berlin, Germany, in 2008 where she now has over 10 years of experience teaching singing and working with choirs. She continues to deepen her understanding of singing with various voice teachers and through extensive reading.

The Technical Advisor

Our savvy "gadget guy" is actually a world-class classical pianist. His all-around technical support has been invaluable to the creation of the app, ranging from consulting about the choice of recording equipment to piano tuning to backend website set-up. Oh, and his playing isn't half-bad either.


Content Contributer (German)

Jakob Ahles

Our expert German-language content contributor knows a lot about music and singing and advises for translations and texts in the app and on the website.

The Developers

APP-STONE GmbH is run by a young team of engineers and software developers. Their goal is to help small and medium-sized enterprises transition to a more digital future. For this they offer native app development as well as counseling and assistance on the digitalisation of companies and products.